ApplicationScrew Extractors


Grip-Range1/4 - 3/8

MaterialHardened Chrome Vanadium Steel

ItemTapered Flute Dual-Edged Screw Extractor

Drill-Size1/8 - 3/16 Inch


Screw-Size3/16 Inch - 1/4 Inch

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1/8 - 3/16 Inch Drill Burnished Hardened Chrome Vanadium Steel #1 Tapered Flute Dual-Edged Screw Extractor

Item #F6426

$15.0000 / each

31 Available
Features & Benefits
  • Unscrews ruined screws without damaging threads
  • Unique design allows both left and right-handed turning
  • Integrated center punch pin for precision work
  • Dual-edge engagement with the screw for secure grip
  • The cutting edges are polished and dimensions are laser marked on the shank for easy identification
  • Removes broken screws and bolts
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