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1/4" Hex Key Wrench Short Arm


Hex keys have hexagonal (six-sided) tips that fit into the hexagonal-shaped (six-sided) indentation in the bolt or screwhead. The hex key is then turned to rotate the faster to tighten or loosen it. The hex key can be L-shaped with two arms of unequal length, one long and one short. The short end can reach fasteners in tight spaces while the long end extends the reach of the tool. Rotating a fastener using the long end as a handle provides more torque on the fastener compared to using the short end. T-shaped hex keys have one long arm with the drive tip at the end and a handle that can provide more torque when rotating fasteners compared to L-shaped keys.

  • Made in USA
  • Metric and standard sizes
  • Size is stamped on each hex key
  • Deburred ends provides smooth engagement
  • *Photographs are representational and may not be size accurate