Length18 Inch

TypeDouble Weight

Width16 Inch

ItemStreetfyter Sorbent Pad

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16" x 18" Heavy White Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Item #F4861

$0.7385 / each

1781 Available
Features & Benefits
  • Absorbs any oil or hydrocarbon
  • No perfs or zips
  • Available in various weights for a customized fit
  • Absorbs oil from water or land while repelling water
  • Keeps floors non-slip
  • Place under oil leaks and around machines
  • Float on water to absorb oil spills
  • Use as a rag for quick wipe-ups
  • Use in the oil, gas, mining or fracking industry for spill control response or prevention
  • Use for petroleum based fluids only
  • Repels water
  • Point bonded for strength
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