Inventory Solutions

On-Hand Inventory When You Need It

Stop Being a Number

Each FastServ store offers a local solution, so you aren’t dealing with an unknown face. You’re dealing with one of our employees who works out of our store down the road from you that you know and trust. They will work with you to develop on-site bin-stock programs to cost-recovery technology solutions. Our no-nonsense approach to productivity while cutting out costly stock-outs and downtime makes sure that your business stays up and running.  

So while the other people are “driving visibility, efficiency, and results across your supply chain,” we are just down the road, in person, and ready to help your business stay up and running with the quality parts you need now.


Inventory When You Need It

We know that when you need a part, you don’t need it a week from now; you need it immediately.  That is why each FastServ store stocks quality parts in-store so that you can conveniently stop by and get what you need.  Our service-oriented employees go out of their way to help you like you’re one of the family…because you are.  

Our Industrial Supply product selection and inventory are surpassed only by our support for our customers.  We are here to take care of you and your company when you need us.

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

What is the point where you realize that your approach to inventory needs to change?

Is it when you’re ordering an item you realize you just ordered last week? Is it when you’re sending someone out for a 1/2-inch fastener, and they’re gone for an hour? Or maybe it’s when you realize that you have tens of thousands of dollars (maybe more?) tied up in inventory, but you are still looking for the items you need when you need it. Sound familiar? We can help. 

FastServ Supply can help put together a custom program with you that:

  • Keeps on-hand inventory to a minimum
  • Reduces Suppliers
  • Simplifies Re-Ordering Process
  • Bar-Codes Your Labeling
  • Fill bins accurately and correctly
  • Increases fill rate
  • Optimizes orders to lower costs
  • Gives you accurate reporting
  • Frees up your people to work on other tasks


It is so easy.  Stop in or call one of our stores near you and speak with a local representative.  They are here to set you up and provide you with the products you need when your job demands them, and our custom-tailored bin-stock solutions put your most important products directly at your fingertips.

Do You Really Have Millions of Products?

We have over 200,000 stocked Industrial Supply products in eight branch locations and four distribution centers. In addition, FastServ has access to millions more additional products and supplies through our network of national suppliers.

Do You Have a Store Close to Me?

We have 8 stores located throughout Texas, from Dallas down to Brownsville!  

Head over to ourStore Locatorto find a store near you!  

Who Do I Contact With a Question About My Order?

For product questions or returns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local branch. Additionally, you are free to call us at 800-292-5890 or email us questions about your order.